4 Tips To Avoid Pain At The Office

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4 Tips To Avoid Pain At The Office

At first glance, you might not think that office work is physically demanding. However, sitting for long periods of time while typing can lead to repetitive stress injuries and even eye strain. You deserve to do your job without pain. Here are four tips that can help you avoid pain in the office:

1. Invest in a high quality office chair.

An ideal office chair offers good back support and promotes good posture. It should be comfortable without being too soft. Ideally, your feet should be able to rest comfortably on the floor with your thighs parallel to the ground. Adjustable office chairs give people control over their chair's height, which means the same type of chair can be used throughout your whole office. Since you spend eight hours at work each day, it's worth investing in a high quality chair that will keep you comfortable while preventing back pain.

2. Make sure your desk is the right height.

When your desk is the wrong height, it puts unnecessary strain on your body. Your forearms should be able to rest comfortably at your desk. A desk that's too tall will cause shoulder and arm pain, while a desk that's too short will cause back pain due to hunching over. Adjustable desks are the ideal solution for offices, since they can accommodate people of any height. People are not all the same size, so desks cannot be "one size fits all."

3. Use an ergonomic keyboard and mouse.

Repetitive stress injuries are no joke. Carpal tunnel syndrome often affects typists. However, you can prevent this condition by using an ergonomic keyboard and mouse. Ideally, your wrists should be straight rather than curved as you work. A wrist cushion can help you maintain the proper position. Also look for an ergonomic mouse that allows you to control your cursor without moving your wrist more than necessary.

4. Take breaks to prevent eye strain.

Looking at a computer screen all day can be taxing on your eyes. While it's impossible to do away with computers all together, you can protect your eye health by taking frequent breaks. According to Mayo Clinic, you should take at least three breaks per hour. Use the break to focus on something away from your desk for at least 20 seconds. This can relax your eyes and reduce strain, which in turn can alleviate headaches; ultimately, these breaks will make you more productive throughout the day.

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