3 Surprising Benefits Of A Concierge

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3 Surprising Benefits Of A Concierge

Whether you are visiting a nice hotel in your current city or state or you are traveling outside the country, you will want someone on your side to ensure your trip is enjoyable. A concierge is that person. Unfortunately, most people do not realize the benefits of having a hotel concierge. With this guide, you will learn a few surprising ways a luxury travel concierge can improve your travel experience.

Impossible Dining Reservations

You probably know how frustrating it can be scouring different websites and making phone calls in an attempt to get a reservation at a certain restaurant. Your concierge can probably make those dining reservations even though you have deemed it impossible.

Most concierges have special relationships with local businesses, such as restaurants, clubs, spas, and boutiques, allowing them the opportunity to make reservations for their guests and clients even though the business is full to the general public. If you have tried and failed to make the reservation, make sure to ask your concierge if they can help upon arrival to your destination.

Solve Problems That Aren't Even Related to Your Accommodations

If you are having issues with your room or you have a problem with the resort grounds, the hotel staff and concierge can help. However, most people are surprised to learn their concierge can help them with problems that are not even related to the hotel.

If you have lost luggage, for example, the concierge can help communicate with the airline and even arrange an appointment with a local shop so you can purchase some clothing items for your trip. If you have broken your phone or need to purchase a phone charger, the concierge can set you up with a repair tech or pick up a phone charge for you.

Even if you lost a credit card, driver's license, or passport, your concierge can provide some assistance with making phone calls and navigating the process of traveling without your identification.

Enhancing your Stay

A concierge's job is to make sure your stay is as easy as possible, but they can also enhance your stay even further.

Consider asking the concierge for recommendations on places to visit, sites to see, and adventures to experience. Since they understand and have experience in the specific area you are visiting, they can provide recommendations on things to do and places to visit that would be suited to your personality.

Also, if you are celebrating a special occasion, such as an anniversary or birthday, during your vacation, make sure your concierge knows. From special gifts and treats to more elaborate parties, a concierge can make your special day even more enjoyable.

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