3 Elements To Consider When Purchasing A Hunting Rifle For The First Time

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3 Elements To Consider When Purchasing A Hunting Rifle For The First Time

If you have decided to take up hunting, you need to make sure that you have the right rifle to go hunting with. When shopping for a hunting rifle, there are four specific categories you need to keep in mind. You need to consider the fit of the rifle, what type of stock the rifle is made from, and the speed you want your rifle to fire at.

Consideration #1: The Fit of the Rifle

One of the most important considerations you need to keep in mind when purchasing a rifle is how the rifle fits your body. When you go hunting, you are going to be carrying and handling the rifle all day. You need a rifle where you feel comfortable resting your face against the comb of the stock as you wait for the perfect shot. You need a rifle that feels balanced in your hand when you hold it, without feeling too heavy on either end of the rifle. You need a rifle that has the right physical weight that you will be able to handle for hours at a time. The fit of a rifle is a very personal experience; one rifle may feel perfect to someone who is the exact same size as you but may not feel right for you. Take your time testing out rifles, and trust how you feel.  

Consideration #2: The Type of Material Used

Next, consider the material you want the stock of your gun to be made from. The material on the stock of your gun will determine the texture of the gun in your hands and can impact the overall weight of the gun as well. The stock material can also impact how you care for your gun. The three most common materials used for the stock on rifles are synthetic materials, laminated wood, and wood. Wood has a classic look but can be prone to warping. Laminated wood doesn't warp the same way regular wood stock does and also generally holds up better over time. The quality and durability of synthetic stock materials vary greatly.

Consideration #3: The Speed of the Rifle

Finally, you need to consider how quickly you want your rifle to fire. How quickly your rifle fires is in part dictated by the sports you are engaging in and also by your own personal preference. For example, you can choose to purchase a single-shot rifle, a bolt-action rifle, a pump-action rifle, a lever action rifle, or semi-automatic rifle. If you are not sure what speed of rifle you would enjoy, you may want to go to a gun range and try out different types of rifles to determine what type you would want to purchase.

Before purchasing your first hunting rifle, you need to know what type of material you want your rifle to be made from as well as what speed or action you want your rifle to be. Knowing this will allow you to make the right purchasing choice for your first hunting rifle.

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