Planning A Karaoke Night? 3 Must-Haves

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Planning A Karaoke Night? 3 Must-Haves

From enjoying time with friends to creating memories that last forever, karaoke can be a fun pastime. As a matter of fact, many people consider karaoke more than just a hobby. Some individuals travel the country in search of karaoke bars where they can have some fun while showcasing their talents. Because of its popularity, planning a karaoke night at your bar/club can be a smart investment. Of course, you may not know where to start if you do not have experience with karaoke. Here are a few essentials you will need for your karaoke night.

Audio/Video Equipment

Many bars and nightclubs will offer some sort of musical entertainment, which may include a live band or performer, DJ, or jukebox. All of this type of entertainment will require some sort of audio equipment.

If you want to implement karaoke into your entertainment offerings, you will need even more audio/video equipment.

For example, consider investing in a digital jukebox that plays a variety of music, but also offers karaoke capabilities. The jukebox will play the karaoke versions of the music while the video screen displays the lyrics for your performers. The screen should be large enough for performers to read the lyrics, but small enough so it does not stand out too prominently. If you aren't ready to buy, there are jukebox rentals for bars available.

If your establishment does not already have one, consider building a stage with lighting, too. This will make the karaoke experience even more enjoyable for your performers and guests. A spotlight is key for accenting the performer during ballads while a colorful strobe light can make a great statement when up-beat musical numbers are being performed.

Musical Content

No matter what type of bar or club you manage, your digital jukebox should be equipped with musical content of all genres.

You may think your guests will only want to hear a certain type of music, but karaoke performers enjoy singing a variety of songs and genres. From country ballads to dance music and rap, R&B, and classic rock, the musical content can make or break your karaoke event.


Karaoke is a great way for performers to show off their personalities, but singing is not the only way these personalities can be seen. Another essential you should offer your performers on karaoke night are costumes and props.

Feather boas, sequin tulle skirts, jumpsuit costumes inspired by Elvis, and even fun hats, gloves, and wigs can be great additions to offer your performers while on the karaoke stage.

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