In A Cabin In The Woods: How To Handle Emergency Situations With Your Rental

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In A Cabin In The Woods: How To Handle Emergency Situations With Your Rental

If you and the "fam" decide to go for a cabin rental in the woods this upcoming Memorial Day weekend and you have never stayed in a cabin in the woods before, you probably should learn a few things about cabin living. Better still, you should probably familiarize yourself with plants and animals that may be a problem. At the very least, you should know how to handle emergency situations while you are staying at your rented cabin in the woods in the middle of nowhere. 


If your rented cabin has electricity, there is a very good chance that it only operates as the result of a power generator. If you do not know how to operate the generator, you will not have power. No power means no lights, no cooking, etc. Ask the owner of the cabin to leave you detailed instructions on how to start and run the generator, which probably runs on gasoline since the generator is way out there in the woods. If the power goes out, you can consider it an emergency, since nothing in the cabin will run without power, and there could be either a lack of gas or a malfunction in the generator. 


If a fire in the chimney or fireplace in the cabin somehow erupts into a total cabin fire, call emergency fire services first. Then call the owner of the cabin to tell him/her what is happening. He/she may be devastated, but it is far better than telling him/her after the cabin burns down. Most cabin property owners who rent out their cabins should have fire extinguishers available for guests. If your cabin proprietor does have an extinguisher inside the cabin, he/she can tell you where it is so that you can put out a small fire near the fireplace before it becomes a raging, uncontrollable fire. 

Injuries via Wildlife

Most of the wildlife around the cabin will leave you alone. It is a treat to catch sight of a deer in the early morning or at twilight, but the occasional bear or wolf may not be far behind. If you encounter these large predators and are attacked or chased and injured slightly, make sure your cell phone is charged so that you can call for emergency help. Otherwise, you could lose too much blood trying to drive down from the cabin to the nearest hospital or medical clinic. 

Cabin rentals can be great experiences for you and your family, especially if you come prepared. For more information about cabin rentals, reach out to a company such as Star Point Resort.

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