How To Score Customer Service Agents

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How To Score Customer Service Agents

If you are concerned about the level of customer service that your business is providing through call centers, it's important to use call scoring forms when analyzing live and recorded calls. These allow for businesses to improve their transparency and consistency when handling calls.

Using Scores

Scoring systems can be used when giving customers feedback. They are also often used when coaching an agent. However, it's important to have a scoring system that is well-designed so you may achieve the best results. 

Providing Consistency

To provide customers with consistency, you'll want to provide a greeting script to agents. You'll also want to score agents based on whether they follow the script. The script usually needs to include the company's name, clarifying that the call will be recorded, asking the caller for his or her name, identifying the agent to the customer and thanking the caller for calling.

Verifying Accounts

Account verification might be a part of the customer representative's job. He or she will need to identify the right account, verify the social security number, and provide a transaction number. Also, if the call must be transferred, account information needs to be properly transferred to the next representative and he or she must apply them properly.

Scoring Subjective Criteria

The rest of the scoring criteria is more subjective. Oftentimes, the customer has a problem that needs to be solved. If the problem is simple and solved quickly, such as when a customer needs a password reset, this is easier to score. However, some representatives may deal with angry customers or may need to walk a customer through using a product. Representatives need to take ownership of the problem. 

Evaluating Sales

With sales, representatives are easier to score because they can be evaluated based on the number of conversions. Also, if there are any calls lost or dropped, these can be evaluated because they are a measure of the success of the representative. Representatives can also be scored based on how well they perform follow-up calls.

There might be specific concerns your business has and rules you'll want your agents to follow. For that reason, it's important to work closely with a real time inbound call scoring platform that will help you as you integrate their platform into your company. There can often be a labyrinthian number of ways that a call can be evaluated and it can be confusing prioritizing different areas.

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