Six Important Sewing Machine Maintenance Tasks To Perform

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Six Important Sewing Machine Maintenance Tasks To Perform

You need to properly maintain your sewing machines to protect the investment that you make in them. There are numerous tasks you need to keep up with when it comes to any sewing machine type to ensure that your equipment continues to function optimally and lasts as long as possible.

The following are six important sewing machine maintenance tasks to perform to maintain your equipment.

Clean away any dirt and residue

Over time, residue and debris including dust, thread pieces, and fabric will inevitably accumulate around parts of the sewing machine including the needle and needle plate. This debris can be quickly blown away using a can of compressed air. This debris could also be cleaned off using a vacuum cleaner tool. 

Too much debris built up around a sewing machine could cause a jam and other types of malfunctions if it is not cleared away periodically. 

Put a dust cover over your sewing machine when it's not in use

You can minimize the amount of debris that builds up around your sewing machine equipment between cleanings if you use a dust cover. Dust covers can protect your sewing machines while they are not in use. 

Oil moving parts of your machine

Any moving part of a sewing machine assembly should be lubricated with oil periodically to prevent premature wear and tear. Some of the parts that require lubrication include bearings, gears, and wheels. Make sure you're using an oil that is specifically designed for sewing machine maintenance.

Make sure there is adequate tension

The bobbin on a sewing machine needs to be maintained at the proper tension to prevent issues like snagging thread. The tension in the bobbin should be adequate to support the combined weight of the machines case and bobbin. 

Ensure that electrical components are functioning properly

Electric components and controls including the foot pedal, the rheostat, and the speed control need to be inspected to ensure that they are functioning properly. It's important to make sure that the foot pedal functions smoothly to ensure that the sewing machine creates a standard and predictable stitch. 

Replace your needle as necessary

The needle on a sewing machine will become increasingly more dull as time goes on. Operating a sewing machine on a dull needle can cause premature wear and tear to many sewing machine components.

You should be frequently replacing your needle if you do high volume sewing at your facility to avoid malfunctions and maximize the longevity of your sewing machine

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