Tips For Choosing And Attending A Beginning Painting Class

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Tips For Choosing And Attending A Beginning Painting Class

If you have always dreamed of painting but have little faith in your artistic prowess, taking a class may be the best way to begin your introduction to the hobby. Painting on canvas does have a learning curve, but it is a generally forgiving medium — in most cases, you can simply paint over something if you don't like how it turns out. A painting class may be just the thing to help you get started. If you are feeling a bit nervous about choosing and scheduling a painting class, the following guide can help you prepare so you feel more at ease.

Choose the right venue for your first class

Painting classes generally come in three varieties:

The first is a standard studio class. You will have a professional instructor that will guide everyone through everything, from preparing the canvas and palette to creating various types of brush strokes.

Second, there are also "on location" classes, such as outdoor nature painting classes, that may be appealing if the idea of sitting in a classroom causes you anxiety or sounds unpleasant. While studio classes are usually available in multiple mediums, such as oil, acrylic, or water paint, outdoor classes typically are for learning watercolor painting.

If you prefer a super casual first introduction to painting, the third option is to attend a social painting evening. These are often sold as "wine and paint" events, and every participant will complete a painting in a single class session.

Make sure you dress appropriately

You will likely get paint on yourself, especially if this is your first class. Don't add stress to the event by worrying about spilling paint or a wayward brush stroke on your favorite shirt. Wear clothing that you don't mind retiring if it gets paint on it. If you really don't want to dress down for the class, then at least invest in an apron to help protect your clothing. Wear short sleeves as well, or a shirt that allows you to easily roll up the sleeves.

Choose an all-inclusive class

For your first class, choose one that includes all the necessary supplies. There is no need to invest in specialty paints and materials until you are sure this is a hobby you would like to continue. Many beginner painting class studios provide materials in the beginning. There may be a separate fee for materials or it may be part of the class fee, so make sure you inquire ahead so you know what to expect.

For more help, contact a canvas painting studio that offers beginning classes in your area, and get started painting!

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