Entertaining And Marketing-Savvy Trade Show Booth Mascots

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Entertaining And Marketing-Savvy Trade Show Booth Mascots

Working a trade show booth requires understanding networking, marketing, and performance art. Well, the performance part might not be necessary when selling a standard product. Insulation often sells itself. When you come up with a brilliant new consumer electronics product, however, you might find it consumers may be intrigued but skeptical. After all, many startups offering electronics gadgets pop up and then disappear. When promoting such wares at a trade show, you have to be a little creative when targeting your potential consumers or distributors. Hiring a trade booth staff that includes one "performer" might be a good idea.

Be A Joker, and People May Take You Seriously 

One of the more memorable scenes in the film Joker sees Joaquin Phoenix completely get into his new character by dancing down a flight of stairs. The imagery captivates the audience's attention and leads you to see the Joker as a "real" clown and not someone in makeup. When selling a gadget, perhaps hiring a staff member who also serves as a costumed mascot can draw attention. The mascot can provide a performance of sorts intended to attract attention. He/she can also weave in smart sales and marketing principles to redirect attention to what is sold through the trade show booth. 

The Future is Bold

A common, recurring theme found with consumer electronics marketing is the products represent a bold future. Gadgets for the home, car, entertainment center, and more often profess to make life easier in some way. The items represent the future of "X." A dull presentation can damper enthusiasm for even the most compelling new product. A daring "emcee" in the form of a trade show mascot highlights the boldness of the display. A character with a futuristic bent could further drive home the "tomorrow-ness" of the product. The character can't be too over-the-top, though. Anything too wild detracts from the promoted merchandise. For this reason and more, it might be best not to hire a "pure" actor as the mascot.

Directing the Focus

Someone possessing only a performer's background might assume to "keep the focus on me." During a one-person theatrical show, the approach makes sense. However, at a trade show, the focus must point to the product. How else can you sell it? So, try to find your mascot in advance. Work with the trade show staffing service to locate the perfect person for the role. Give the service enough time to find the most qualified and entertaining person for the job. Try contacting an agency for trade show booth staffing solutions.

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