How To Keep Your Event Clean And Sanitary

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How To Keep Your Event Clean And Sanitary

When you're holding an event, you'll need some way to dispose of the waste generated by guests. Even if you're holding your event in a public place that features trash cans designed for public use, you can be fined for filling them up and leaving them overflowing. You will need to provide your own trash disposal solution in many cases. Here are four tips you can use to make sure your next event stays clean and sanitary:

1. Designate recycling bins.

You can cut down on waste and do your part to keep things from filling up landfills by offering recycling bins at your event. Plastic and glass bottles and paper goods can easily be recycled. This is one way to cut down on the carbon emissions and waste produced during the creation of new products. Set out recycling bins next to all your trash receptacles and make sure they're clearly marked, so your event guests know what to do with them. The contents of your recycling bins can be sorted and taken to a recycling facility after the event ends.

2. Empty trash cans often.

When people see an overflowing trash can, many of them still pile their trash on top of it. The wind can easily carry this trash away, creating a larger mess for you to deal with. Make sure to empty your trash cans and change the trash bags frequently at your event. If possible, designate a group of workers or volunteers to continually check the trash cans and perform this task.

3. Make sure there are enough trash cans available.

If people can't find a trash can when they need it, they're more likely to throw their trash on the ground. Picking up trash from a field or public area can be time-consuming, and birds and other wildlife might get sick from eating it in the meantime. Encourage people to use trash cans by making sure you have enough of them. Place them in easy-to-see areas and concentrate them near food stands that are likely to generate waste.

4. Rent a dumpster.

When you empty the trash cans at your event, you'll need somewhere to put the full trash bags. That's where a dumpster rental service comes in handy. Rent a roll off dumpster for your event planning needs. Roll off dumpsters can be easily deposited in a convenient location by a special truck. You can fill it with trash, and the dumpster rental service will come back to pick up the full dumpster when your event is over.

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