3 Things To Consider When Choosing An Architectural Coating

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3 Things To Consider When Choosing An Architectural Coating

If you have a commercial building that you want to change the appearance of, you will need to choose an architectural coating for the building. An architectural coating is a broad term applied to a wide variety of different types of coatings that can be applied to a building, including paint.

Look for a Warranty

First, when you are considering different types of architectural coatings, you will need to consider the type of warranty that comes with the coating. It is important to consider that certain colors will have longer or shorter warranty periods based on how certain pigments can withstand environmental forces. That is why you need to consider the coating warranty period and why it has that warranty period.

Consider Longevity

Second, you need to consider the longevity of the coating that you choose. If you want a coating that will last for two or three decades, you will want to look for a coating that contains inorganic pigments. Inorganic pigments usually include things such as metal oxides. The metal oxides will help the coating last longer. However, if the coating lasting a long time isn't important to you, you don't need to pay for a long-lasting coating.

Keep in mind that colors that are bright and intense often contain organic pigments and will not last as long as more subdued colors.

Consider Solar-Reflective Properties

Third, you will want to consider the solar reflective properties of the coating you choose for your building. If you are looking to make your building as energy efficient as possible, or if you want to earn a LEED rating for your building, you will want to choose a coating with solar reflective properties. Some color pigments reflect or absorb more light. A solar reflective pigment is designed to reflect infrared energy away from your building instead of allowing the building to absorb solar energy. This can help reduce how much you have to spend on building cooling costs. Different colors have different abilities to have solar reflective properties.

Choosing a color for your commercial building is not as simple as just picking out a color. You need to consider how the architectural coating will react with the exterior surface of your building, how long the color with last, what type of warranty the coating comes with, and how the solar reflective properties will impact the building's operation. Contact a company that provides architectural coating services to learn more.

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