Buying A Used Commercial Freezer? What To Look For

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Buying A Used Commercial Freezer? What To Look For

Launching a new food service business of any kind means investing in a lot of commercial refrigeration and freezer equipment. One of the ways that you can reduce or manage your capital investment costs is by looking for used equipment whenever possible. If you're in the market for used 3-door commercial freezers, it's important that you know how to evaluate each unit to be sure that it's going to meet your needs and will function as intended. Here's a look at some of the things that you should think about as you evaluate the freezers available in the used equipment market.

Test The Seals

Perhaps the single most important thing to consider when you're buying a used 3-door commercial freezer is the seals around those doors. The gaskets around the doors should seal completely to ensure that the cold air stays in the freezer. This reduces temperature fluctuations, frost accumulation, and more.

Plug the freezer in, then take a candle or a match and move it along the edges of each of the doors, watching for any flickering. If the flame flickers, that means there's air passing by the gasket. 

If necessary, the gaskets can be replaced. Just make sure that you factor that cost into the assessment of whether or not the freezer is a good value for the money.

Check The Temperature Regulation

Another important element of commercial freezers is the ability to properly regulate the temperature. Most of these units will be fitted with a thermometer on the outside of the unit to allow you to monitor the temperature at a glance. However, you'll want to test the freezer to be sure that the thermometer is reading properly. 

Place a new thermometer in the freezer and allow the unit to run for a few hours. Check the temperature reading on the built-in thermometer, then check the one you've placed in the freezer. If there's a discrepancy, you'll need to have the outside thermometer replaced to ensure accurate readings.

You can also integrate an alarm system in your freezer to notify you if the temperature inside the freezer reaches above a predetermined level.

Backup Power Support

Some commercial freezers come with built-in support for a power generator. If you're looking to incorporate a battery backup as an alternative power source in case of power failure, look for a used model that will support this integration. This can make the difference between preserving your food investment or losing everything in the event of an extended power outage.

These are some of the things you should look for when you're investing in a used stainless steel three-door freezer for your business. Keep these things in mind as you start to shop.  

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