How Your Products Dictate Whether You Need Custom Mailing Tubes

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How Your Products Dictate Whether You Need Custom Mailing Tubes

There are thousands upon thousands of small businesses, retail shops, and online-only stores that offer every product under the sun in America. One of the great revelations of the 21st century has been a massive increase in the number of parcel options are available to customers and businesses, but this comes with some challenges. Because everything is so easy to deliver now, the packaging is more important than ever. It is not just good enough that your product arrives, but that it arrives in one piece and a condition that the customer is happy with. Here are some factors concerning your products that will require custom mailing tubes.

1. Weight

If the items you are selling have a certain heft to them and are not paper or plastic (as most things that are delivered in mailing tubes are) then you will need a better-reinforced tube that can cushion the item inside. For example, candles are often sent in custom mailing tubes that have slightly larger walls and shorter lengths, so that they do not get crushed or obliterated during transport. When you have something that weighs a bit more than your average building plan or poster, then you will need a custom mailing tube to protect it.

2. Size 

Custom mailing tubes can be created in virtually any size, with some measuring a couple of feet long and others sitting at just a half dozen inches or even less. Size refers to the length and width; sometimes wider tubes can be better because they create less of a crease or fold in the paper or plastic once it is delivered. If you want your customer to have a more premium experience and have something that looks brand new even after a thousand-mile journey, then customize your mailing tubes to your products.

3. Environmental Protection

If you are shipping something that is more susceptible to moisture or even just extreme fluctuations in the temperature, then you might want to get a more insulated mailing tube. These come with thicker walls that have moisture protection, while still providing a comfortable home for your items on their long journey. If you have had issues in the past with customers returning items because they got wet or damaged during transport, then you can't ignore this problem or it will keep coming back up, particularly as the winter busy season starts to get more and more intense. 

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