Why Hiring A Professional Resume Writing Service Is Worth It

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Why Hiring A Professional Resume Writing Service Is Worth It

If you're looking for a job or will soon be looking for a job, you're probably spending a little time polishing up your resume. As you navigate this process, you should consider having a professional resume writer look it over or even write a whole new resume for you. Why are these services worth paying for? Take a look.

They ensure your resume is keyword-optimized.

Many employers these days rely on software or even AI tools to sort through resumes and select only the best ones for humans to look at personally. If your resume is not keyword-optimized to include terms that the software is looking for, it may not make it past this first quality check. A resume writing service will know what the best keywords are to include not only in your industry, but for the more specific types of jobs you are applying for. With their help, your resume will land in human hands more often, which increases your chances of getting an interview.

They'll pare your resume down to one or two pages.

Long resumes are less ideal since most hiring managers won't take the time to read that much content. But trimming down a long resume can be difficult because you're not sure what information to leave out. A professional resume writing service will have lots of experience trimming resumes down. They'll get your resume down to the acceptable one to two pages by consolidating content, removing repeated phrases and skills, and the like.

They may point out information you are missing.

When you're the one who wrote the resume about your own experiences, you don't always notice what's missing. But a resume writing professional will. They may look over your resume and notice that you forgot to include dates for one of your jobs, or that you never mentioned what software you used for a certain position. A hiring manager is likely to notice the same things, and they may not call you back because of them. It's better to have the resume writer notice these omissions so you can add information before you send the resume out.

If you are preparing to send out your resume, consider hiring a resume service to proofread and re-write it for you. This step may mean the difference between getting a job offer and not getting a job offer. It's worth putting in the effort from square one. For more information on resume writing, contact a professional near you.

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