Why Should You Choose The Unreal Engine Over The Unity Engine?

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Why Should You Choose The Unreal Engine Over The Unity Engine?

Whether you're thinking about creating 2D games or 3D games, you'll usually come down to two popular choices: Unreal Engine and Unity. Both are similar in their capabilities, but there are some advantages to working with Unreal. Here's what you should know before you make the decision.

Unreal Has Advanced Visual Technology

Unreal has more visual technology baked in, such as V Ray. Games made in Unreal tend to look more professional and polished without any additional work from the developer. Things like ambient lighting, water, and terrain are all already contained in the engine, as well as basic physics. If you want to create a professional-looking game without a lot of extra work, Unreal is a good choice. 

Unreal Has a Large Number of Online Tutorials

Unreal Engine has released a large number of video tutorials and text tutorials, designed to cover virtually every type of game. Whether you want to create a simple space shooter or a more complex RPG, you can load up a tutorial and follow along. Unity does have tutorials, but most of them have been provided through third parties. The community of Unity has made most of its tutorials, which means they can vary in quality and intensity.

Unreal Has the "Blueprint" System for Programming

One of the major reasons people choose Unreal over Unity is because it has a Blueprint system. The Blueprint system means that you can do complex things within the game engine without learning any programming. It's excellent for game designers that don't necessarily want to learn a lot about programming. While programming does make making a game easier, it's possible to create any type of game within Unreal without writing a single line of code.

Unreal Uses C++

C++ is a fairly common language, and developers who know C++ are more likely to be at home with Unreal. Unity, by contrast, uses C#. C# isn't as popular, so there are fewer people who are skilled in its use. This one depends on the individual developer: if you're skilled in C#, Unity may be a better fit.

There are serious advantages to using Unity. With advanced visual technology such as V Ray, Unreal is an excellent entry point for any game developer. You can test out both to figure out which platform is best for you. For more information reach out to Unreal or a professional that has exensive game design knowledge.

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