Important Details To Understand About Septic Tank Pumping

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Important Details To Understand About Septic Tank Pumping

Taking good care of your home's septic system is important, or else you might end up with sewage backing up in your yard or bathtub. One of the most important things you can do is pump your tank out before it gets too full. A septic tank pumping session usually involves cleaning out the tank as well as doing a visual inspection to look for problems. Here are a few details to know about septic tank pumping.

Learn The Signs Your Tank Is Too Full

Your goal should be to pump out your septic tank before it gets too full. Since the tank is underground, you can't always tell if it is getting full or not, so you have to watch for certain signs. A full tank could cause your toilets and drains to slow down. Slow draining could also be a sign of a clogged sewer drain, so it's good to figure out why a toilet or drain is slow and fix the problem before it gets worse.

If your tank is too full, you might smell sewer odors around your home. There might even be wet areas in your yard where the tank is backing up and spilling in the grass. If you notice any changes in the way your septic system normally behaves, call a septic tank pumping service without delay, or else you may have to face the expense and bother of cleaning up toxic waste in your yard or house.

Set A Pumping Schedule

Talk to the septic tank pumping company about the right schedule for cleaning out your tank. The company checks the size of your tank and counts the number of people living in your home. With this knowledge, they can estimate how long it will take your tank to get full. You might have to pump the tank yearly or you might go every couple of years.

Know What Makes A Tank Fill Up Faster

While the septic tank pumping company can estimate how long it takes for your tank to fill up, the actual length of time depends on how you use your home's plumbing. If you flush things besides human waste, the tank will fill up faster. If you have a garbage disposal, the tank collects sludge quicker too. If you don't bother with conserving water, you may find you need to pump the tank quicker than expected.

On the other hand, if you conserve water, avoid using a garbage disposal frequently, and don't flush trash down the toilet, you may not need to pump out the tank as often as the pumping company estimates.

Learn The Consequences Of Not Cleaning Your Tank

It's important to know what could happen to your septic system if you don't pump it on time and sewage backs up. This creates a toxic mess, and it can also clog parts of your septic system and drainfield. Not pumping out your tank when it's needed could end up causing expensive damage to your septic system. It could also be very inconvenient to you since it could take weeks to replace the tank or drainfield because you need to follow local codes and go through the process of putting in a new septic system all over.

For more information, reach out to a septic tank pumping service near you.

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