Here's What A Home Inspector Looks At

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Here's What A Home Inspector Looks At

A home inspection involves a significant amount of examining every nook and cranny of your home. Though the process is not extremely detailed, it does involve an examination of your home's structure and anything that might be missing or not working correctly.

The Home's Structure

First, you should expect the home inspector to take a look at every structural element of the home. This includes the floors, ceilings, and walls. They may examine the home's foundation, attic, and crawlspaces. They will take a look at the condition of these elements, but you won't get a significant amount of information about the structural integrity. It's a basic examination.

The Home's Exterior

Next, an inspector will examine the entire exterior that is visible. This includes the walls, flashing, doors, railings, walkways, decks, porches, and windows. They will also take a look at the draining of the home. This will also include the roof of the home, which includes skylights, vents, windows, and drainage gutters.

The Home Interior

The interior of the home will also be inspected. Your home inspector will look at stairs, counters, the garage, and any appliances connected to the home. The inspector will also look at the insulation and ventilation of the home, as well as at the fire alarms. They may also check out fireplaces, chimneys, stoves, and other components inside the home.

The Home's Plumbing System

A home inspection also involves an examination of the plumbing system of the home. This will include a look at water lines, fixtures, removal lines, water heaters, sump pumps, and drains. They may not take a close examination of the plumbing, but they will ensure that the system appears to be working.

The Home's Electrical System

Wiring, entry and disconnection points, circuit breakers, and surge protectors are all important components of the home's electrical system.

The Home's HVAC System

Your heating and air conditioning system is also important to examine. This includes an inspection of an outdoor unit in addition to the furnace and any ducts involved. They check for potential hazards and ensure that the home has working features.

Talk to a Home Inspector

The home inspector is a professional who has already been acquainted with the process of checking out a home before it sells. If you have questions about selling the home and what other information you might need, consult with an inspector who understands what else needs to be examined.

To learn more, contact a home inspector.

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